International Filmfestival PALIC 06 - BEST DIRECTOR
Thomas Pluch Script Award 2006 for SLUMMING
The prestigious Austrian Script Award has been assigned to SLUMMING during the DIAGONALE 2006 in Graz.

SLUMMING at TORONTO International Film Festival
SCREENINGS 09/07/06 - 08:45 PM - Varsity 3 | 09/08/06 - 02:45 PM - Paramount 4

SLUMMING will be released in Austria in mid-november 2006 |

International Premiere:
BERLINALE - Competition
09.02.- 19.02.2006
North-American Premiere:
TORONTO International Film Festival
07.09. - 16.09.2006

SLUMMING at international festivals
SEATTLE 25.05. -18.06.06
KARLOVY VARY 30.06.-08.07.2006
JERUSALEM 06.07. - 15.07.2006
YERIVAN 10.07.-15.07.2006
PALIC 15.07. - 21.07.06
MOTOVUN 24.07. - 28.07.06
MELBOURNE 26.07. - 13.08.2006
BRISBANE 02.08. - 14.08.06
RIGA 16.09. - 24.09.06
VANCOUVER 28.09. - 13.10.06
REYKJAVIK 28.09. - 08.10.06
CHICAGO 05.10. - 19.10.06
WARSCHAU 06.10. - 15.10.06
GHENT IFF COMPETITION 10.10. - 21.10.06
LONDON IFF 18.10. - 02.11.06
SAO PAULO 20.10. - 02.11.06
GIJON 23.11. - 01.12.06
GÖTEBORG 26.01. - 05.02.07

Thomas Pluch Script Award 2006 for SLUMMING
The prestigious Austrian Script Award has been assigned to SLUMMING during the DIAGONALE 2006 in Graz.


A malicious young man of privilege plays a ghastly practical joke that results in a troubled alcoholic finding a kind of redemption in well-thesped, narratively ambitious drama SLUMMING... A provocative, finely crafted pic... A fascination with the grim comedy of marginalized society... Looking like a young Christopher Walken and Chrissie Hynde respectively, August Diehl and Pia Hierzegger communicate their malaise with dignity, while Michael Ostrowski serves well as the initial voice of conscience. But it is Paulus Manker who earns hazard pay as the hapless Kallmann, finding strength to turn his life around with the help of some waterlogged garden gnomes and Czech farmers in pic's most affecting sequences.
Eddie Cockrell, VARIETY

Intriguingly watchable oddity… Michael Glawogger's SLUMMING has something of Hans Weingartner's THE EDUKATORS about it, and something of Mike Leigh's NAKED: it's about blind existential rage, arrogant male ennui and what happens when schoolboy pranks turn nasty… Glawogger has generally good instincts, getting away with tonal shifts from burlesque to poetic symbolism to hard-edged romance.

SLUMMING has odd moments of wry, dark humor… A collection of unraveled story lines, offputting characters… Production values are solid as the film provides a glimpse of Vienna that makes the film intriguing…

Directed with intelligent whimsy and a great deal of style…
Peter Brunette, INDIEWIRE

Somewhat reminiscent structurally of a stream-lined MAGNOLIA, but far, far darker... Despite an ending that dissolves rather than resolves, I was swept along...
David Hudson, GREEN CINE

SLUMMING is hard on the outside, soft on the inside, with a generous dose of humor into the bargain… Essentially realistic but slightly surreal world…
Ekkehard Knörer, SIGN AND SIGHT

An excellent performance by August Diehl, who, with his devilish grin, knows how to retain a certain sympathy despite playing an essentially soulless and nasty character.

Combines elements of gritty realism with magically surreal scenes, and human misery with wicked humor…
AFP (France)

The tandem of smooth and sadistic young people, parralel intrigues, cutting humor and situational harshness… Michael Glawogger has curiosity and welcome flexibility…
Julien Welter, ARTE (France)