Pia Hierzegger   Pia

Pia Hierzegger's film credits include Michael Glawogger's NACKTSCHNECKEN / SLUGS and Johanna Moder's NIRGENDWO IST HEUTE.

An accomplished theater actress, Hierzegger has acted in dozens of productions in her native Austria. She has acted with several theater companies, including Vienna's Theater im Keller and Carl-Franc-Theater.

As a member of Graz's Theater im Bahnhof, Hierzegger recently acted in the 2005 production of STÜCK EIGENBAU and 2004's DIE BESTE BESETZUNG. Other leading stage roles include ABSENCEN and VOLKSVERNICHTUNG.

She has also directed numerous productions, including RADIOMACHERINNEN for the Theaterland Steiermark and FOYER for the Steirischer Herbst.